Monday, November 19, 2012

The Benefits of Air Drying Clothes

It is true that using Energy Star dryer can help to reduce electricity consumption. Even the government gives tax credits to homeowners who purchase any Energy Star certified appliances. However, there is another greener way to dry your clothes. Simply installing a clothes line in your backyard and air drying your clothes, you will not only reduce your energy consumption, but you can save more money and gain some other benefits. Let's take a look some of the benefits that you can get from air drying clothes.

You can save more money

By applying air drying, you can significantly reduce your electricity consumption because you do not use your dryer. Ask your neighbors who have been using a clothes line to dry their clothes about how much saving they have made after using a clothes line. With the increasing number of homeowners who prefer to use a clothes line, it is a strong indication that they can save much money.

You make our beloved Earth greener

There are two ways how air drying can make our beloved Earth greener. The first is that by reducing your electricity consumption, you help to reduce the amount of fossil fuels burnt to produce electricity. The second is that by air drying, you can reduce the use of fabric softener sheets or liquids to solve static sling problem. As you might have known, fabric softener products are dangerous chemicals that can harm our environment.

Your clothes can last longer

The majority of today's fabrics cannot withstand the high heat of today's clothes dryers. As a result, the fabrics of your clothes can wear down faster, meaning that you have to buy new clothes more often. Air drying helps to make your clothes' fabrics last longer because the heat of the sunlight is perfect for any fabrics. Perhaps this is the reason why clothes could last longer decades ago, when homeowners only used clothes lines to dry their clothes.

Air drying can reduce wrinkles

Wrinkles are inevitable if you use a clothes dryer. However, if you hang your clothes properly on the clothes line, your clothes will not only dry in the right shape, but they are wrinkle-free.

You can reduce stress

You may not believe it but many people have proven that hanging clothes on a clothes line or 
drying rack can help them to reduce some stress. In today's hectic environment, hanging clothes on a clothes line helps you to slow down your pace and relax your mind and body.

Air drying is flexible

If you think that air drying can only be done outdoor, you are wrong. In case you do not have an outdoor space or you have pollen allergies or it is too cold outside for air drying, you can use your drying rack as indoor clothes dryer. Search the web and you can easily find retailers offering many different drying racks and accessories for indoor air drying.


So, if you really want to reduce your electricity consumption, save more money and green our planet, air drying is the solution you need. Even if your local laws do not allow the use of outdoor clothes line, you can opt for 
indoor air drying using drying rack.

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